Arizona Home Inspection and Warranty Inspections

Arizona Home Inspection and Warranty Inspections

1 Year Warranty Home Inspections

It’s hard to believe that almost one year has gone by since you moved into your new home! Hopefully, all of the stress from such a major event is past history and you have your lives back again!

When you consider the investment you have made in your new home, a professional home inspection by an Arizona certified home inspector is a relatively inexpensive safeguard. We believe your investment in a new construction one-year warranty home inspection will be of significant value. Get the facts and secure the “peace of mind” you deserve!

Your one-year warranty on your new home will soon expire. This may be your last opportunity to obtain a home inspection by an Arizona certified home inspector & inform your builder of items that need repair or improvement, or were not constructed or installed properly the first time. These items should be corrected before your builder is relieved of their responsibility under the one-year warranty.

Let Sunland Property Inspections, LLC help you with this process. We can perform an Arizona home inspection of your new home and provide you with a detailed report outlining items that may be covered in the builder’s warranty, before it’s too late. Whether it is structural, mechanical or cosmetic, these issues commonly develop within recently built homes.

We are professionally trained consultants & Arizona certified home inspector's who will work with you to determine whether any of these warranted issues are present in your home. This service may be especially important if an independent home inspector did not evaluate your home when you purchased it.

Do you need a 1 year warranty home inspection?

  • Have you checked the roof construction in the attic?
  • Is your insulation placed correctly or is it blocking your attic ventilation?
  • Are all of your receptacles wired correctly?
  • Is your electrical system grounded properly?
  • Are cracks developing in the structure?
  • These are some of the common warranty issues we find during a home inspection. Your easy to read & understand home inspection report includes color digital pictures, can be posted on the internet for your convenience and can be emailed.

    Time is running out! Don't sign off your home warranty without an independent home inspection conducted by a trained professional Arizona certified home inspector from Sunland Property Inspections. Call us today to schedule your one-year warranty home inspection or to further discuss what a home inspection can do for you. We'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    What makes us different?

    Our service to our customers makes us stand out from our competitors. While many Arizona home inspection companies only inspect new homes to the Arizona SOP, we go above and beyond those standards when inspecting your home and providing you with your home inspection report.