Whole House Air Quality Check Special $1299.00

Mold, Radon, VOC's, Formaldehyde and Other Biological Particulates

Airborne Fiberglass, Dust mites, Pollens, Insect Parts, Organic and Inorganic fibers.
All in one testing of the air quality in your home. Scientific fact!
Find out what might be making you not feel as good as you could.
Based on a 2000 sq/ft home or smaller.

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Are You Sure You Know Everything About Your Phoenix Home?

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Do you believe your family is getting sick because of mold in your basement? Are you worried your potential dream home is a hidden fixer-upper? Sunland Property Inspections, LLC is the company to call when you want to know what's lurking behind your walls.

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We don't come to your home to simply glance over the property. We use top-of-the-line equipment and our vast industry knowledge to check every nook and cranny. Our goal is to provide thorough and professional inspections to every Arizona homeowner. Our mission is:

"To deliver a professional, objective and expert property inspection that is rooted in the most current information and technology about building structures and their environments for the purpose of serving and protecting your health, safety and financial investment."

We're dedicated to providing meticulous:

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Sunland Property Inspections in Phoenix, AZ is owned and operated by two certified inspectors. We truly care about your property and are committed to giving the best inspection possible.

Our certifications include Certified Residential Mold Inspector (CRMI) and Certified Environmental Home Inspectors (CEHI). Call our Phoenix office right now at 602-689-8252 to schedule your inspection.

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